Long in the tooth...

I think that expression means "old". I was trying to come up with a nice title that had to do with teeth, since most of my pictures are at the dentist. So much for clever, right? But I suppose it's not always about getting it right every time. If that was really the expectation, we would live in pretty constant dissappointment. That is the hope though. I know it's my hope to get it right as often as possible. Still working on that one. I hear that practice and repetition are the keys to success. I suppose that's true of anything. How do I get good at being attentive? You guessed it, by being attentive. I am getting a little philosophical here, and for no really good reason except that I think that consistency is on my mind. Probably because I am not consistent at most things. But I need to take small victories and use that momentum to create more small victories. All of a sudden, I'm on a roll! That's a big win in my book! Enough of that rubbish, on with the show!

Okay, not dentist related, but he's carrying a pink lunchbox. That's cute, right?

Trinity went to the dentist not too long ago. It was her first time. The check up usually goes for as long as the child is cooperative. It turns out that Trinity went the distance!

She let Stephanie clean all her teeth!

Showing off the pearly whites!

More scrubbing...

That tickles!

Okay, let's vacuum out that muck...

Trinity got a kick out of all the gadgets being put in her mouth. We should all have that attitude!

Risky. I don't even let her operate a spray bottle unattended...

Hmm, how's this thing work?


All in all, a very successful trip. Not to mention, Trinity let them clean all of her teeth! I know adults that don't last that long! Autumn is good about flossing, but I am not. I can only hope that this bodes well for Trinity's dental future.

Yup, another non-dentist photo. But look at it! Yeah, that's Teagan on a big swing. He just hangs on for a while, then let's you know when he's done. The first time he was on it, he just let go with one hand so that he could twist around and talk to me. Whoops. Good thing the swings are low!


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