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A few weeks ago I made the mistake of telling Autumn that I wanted to write something meaningful on this blog once a week. Now, I haven't looked back lately, but I think I can safely say that I haven't done that. I told Autumn that because I wanted some accountability, because I really do want to put something on this blog every week that is more than a bunch of pictures and captions.

It was a good idea. It still is a good idea. I think that I might be setting bar unrealistically high, at least for now. Should I expect to make one post a week meaningful if I only post once a week? Maybe, but I think I will revise that goal and say once a month I want to say something that means something to me. Perhaps it will be cathartic for me. Perhaps it will be useful for you. Perhaps both.

How and what people write says a lot about the person writing, at least for me. I enjoy how people say things as much as what they say, perhaps more. I bring this up because I have noticed that people have a tendency to write how they speak. Writing like you speak makes for pretty atrocious writing. Now, I don't mean the kind of writing that is on Facebook or other social networking site. Brevity, often best in those cases, even spawns a language of its own. But my point is that hopefully through writing about something that is meaningful, I can practice communicating and hopefully learn something about myself.

But don't worry, there will always be pictures!

Ski boots! Trinity has had a love/hate relationship with the boots. We try and get her to wear them as often as possible, you know, to overcome her fears. Makes a good photo op too!

Haircut time...

It was surprising how well he held still, considering he is only a year and a half!

Not a happy face. Still kinds cute though...

If they're ignoring us now, we're doomed in the years to come!

We also practice wearing helmets. I am wearing one too, but you'll just have to take my word for it! The game of choice is "clunk!" I'll let you figure out how it is played!

Last week Trinity surprised us both by sitting through the entire junior varsity basketball game and half of the varsity. You go girl!

She did appear to be fading by the end though. Little tired girl! captured on film by Trinity. She loves taking pictures. I wonder where she gets that trait?


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