Still Pinterested?

I was thinking about a short series where I explored Pinterest, but I am not so sure anymore. I went on the website and typed "running". It wasn't really that interesting. I pinned a picture of a rhinoceros and made what I thought was a funny comment about how I usually felt like that when I run. Is that what I am supposed to do? What is interesting is that yesterday, I was notified that three more people that know me are following me on Pinterest. Now there is a little more pressure to be Pinteresting to those that are following me. I wonder if anyone else feels this kind of pressure? I am guessing that it is because I have spent more time looking at emails that tell me who is now following me than on the website itself. Hmm. I'll maybe give it another go and let you know what I on with the pictures!

Goofy girl: she put herself in Teagan's shoes. Yeah, size 7s now in a size 4? She's not 10th Century Chinese as far as I know...and yes, there is a better picture around here somewhere.

Autumn dresses our kids very smartly. Trinity was so excited that she really wanted Teagan to stand next to her for a picture. No.

Still no. So it goes. That boy knows what he wants and, more importantly it seems, what he doesn't want. No.

But the wonderful thing about Trinity is her optimism. She's going to have her picture, with or without Teagan! Stubborn who?

Oh yeah, sing it girl! Actually I am pretty sure she was simply showing Autumn her funny shoes. Actually, this is the better picture that I was looking for earlier in the post. Better late than never, right?

Another fun activity at the Swarrell house is what we call "Laps". One or both of the kids lay on a blanket and we pull them around the kitchen and throught the back hallway, which forms a loop. Hence the name.

It used to be just Trinity, but Teagan likes it too!

What is it with shoes? In this case it is actually boots, but who's counting? Teagan wanted to wear Trinity's boots. You got it kid!

This is the sight of a very happy little boy in his new boots. We won't remind him that they are his sister's!

At day care, Trinity and Teagan need to bring Valentine's for everyone. They are bringing do-it-yourself play-doh kits. Autumn did a little pre-assembly and then let Trinity put the kits together.

She LOVED it, putting one of each of the three packs in a bag. Kool-aid...

Then flour and salt...

...then pile 'em all up!

One proud girl!

The assembly was night one. Trinity and I tagged and bagged the gifts this evening. Trinity threaded the tags and I tied them on. That's when it got interesting.

She was reaching for baggies to load up, much like in the photo above, only she reached too far over and fell out of the chair! She was tempted to cry, but we ended up just laughing about it. "Me fall!" she giggled.

She finished loading the bag and went to hoist it over to me. The momentum of the bag took her over the other side of the chair and down she went again! Once again, she was tempted to cry but really did a great job laughing it off once she realized she wasn't hurt. "Me more fall!" she exclaimed. We had another good laugh. What a cray little girl! So helpful and fun!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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