Not Very Pinteresting

I promise that this is the last time I will make bad jokes about Pinterest. Probably. Okay, I may just take a break. I did a search for house designs and that yielded some good results, so I am not going to write off Pinterest completely. At least not yet. I think that the problem for me is that it is entirely too much shopping and not enough buying. I can usually get to the information on the web pretty fast and I can filter out the junk pretty quickly. I can't do that yet on Pinterest, so I think that is what bothers me. It's like an unsearch. It gives you answers when you don't have questions. I'm probably over thinking the whole deal.

Teagan sang to me while I was giving him his night time bottle. Autumn made up a short song that she sings to him and he sang it to me, without help, this evening. Good stuff. He had a conversation on the phone with Autumn while he and I were running errands this afternoon. He didn't even have a phone. The kid is way smarter than me already, he just can't prove it yet with his limited vocabulary. But that day is coming soon. I just have to stay more clever...and crazier.

Cute boy in a cute hat. Thanks Coleen!

We replaced the stock rigid swings with after market flexible ones. They work much better for the little kids that don't balance too well yet. And yes, she likes to swing a little bit...

Is he posing? GQ baby!

First successful solo run down the slide. It's the little moments right?

Big(er) slide for the girl that needs a bigger thrill!

He just had to do the same thing that his big sister was doing. No baby swing for this boy! He swings a little bit by himself (I am right behind him, but not holding on) but then he forgets that his grip on the swing is what is holding him on. Plop! Good thing that the swing is low to the ground!

I finally was able to adjust the swing to a good height. A happy customer!

There are two kinds of pictures that I post. Okay, maybe three, but usually only two. I digress. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, two kinds of pictures. One is taken on a phone, one on a real camera. I give equal credit to both because, while cameras have better quality, people are more likely to have their phone handy. This short paragraph is a dividing line between the two.

This is how most days end at our house. I can't imagine it will always be so simple.

Sometimes, on the weekends, this is what lunch looks like at our house. We don't have cable television, but we do have movies. Super Why is very popular around here right now!

This was taken during a walk yesterday while I was working. Something about parfaits. Whenever some one says that word (parfait), I think of that scene in the first Shrek movie. Cracks me up every time!

When I think about providing every opportunity for my children, I never thought of bowling at three years old. Turns out she shot a 123 (with bumper assist). Who knew?

Yes, Rody can go too.

Sleepover with Ava!

A blue monkey for my monkey #1, from a guy who appears to have lost his razor.

Our moment of zen for the day comes from Autumn. This is how important nap time is at our house: we cook in the bathroom!


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