Does that Pique Your Pinterest?

It's a weird world we live in. I signed up for Pinterest the other day. And by the other day, I mean over a month ago. Now I get emails about once a week, or more, saying that someone is following me on Pinterest. How do they even know I am there? I guess it's a Facebook thing. So it goes. I think I have been on Pinterest exactly three times. I have no idea what I am doing when I am there, it is really just confusing. Maybe that's the point? Well, quite a few people that I know are on it, so I figured that I would join. And that is really the end of my story, at least so far. I don't use it, don't really know what to use it for. Seems like there are crafts and homemade fashions on it a lot. Not really interested. But am I Pinterested? Hmmm. Still not feeling it. I'll keep you all up to date on my Pinterest Padventure. But for now, on with more fun than a barrel of Pmonkeys!

 This is a story about a picture taken about 5 seconds too late. Moments before this photo, Teagan had gotten himself stuck behind the pull up bar that he is now straddling. He was just sort of laying there, unsure of what to do. It might have been one of those moments that you had to be there. It probably is not translating to well here. I'll stop now. by the way, did I just use the word gotten? Is that even a word?

Another confessional. I was pretty frustrated this last weekend that Teagan would not stay asleep for his nap long enough for me to get anything done that I wanted to accomplish. But, upon getting him up and going into Trinity's room, the above picture is what ensued. How can a guy stay frustrated when confronted with that?

Highlight of the Superbowl party...Trinity on a scooter. Who was playing again? No matter, it was a ton of fun with some great people. Thanks for the Nutella memories! What? You didn't know? Superbowl Sunday was also World Nutella Day. So we all brought snacks that had Nutella as an ingredient. Yummy! Now go and get yourself some!

Goofy grinning!

Somebody like to press buttons. How do I know? In addition to remotes and game controllers, he's excellent at pressing my buttons.

Autumn had Wednesday off of work. So later in the morning, she and Trinity went for "coffee". In this case, hot chocolate. Happy, happy girl. So grown up too! 


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