Random stuff to catch up

So here's a few photos of some random things that have been happening. Enjoy!

Ah the life of a mom. I mean horse. I mean mom.

Trinity get some stim time to help with her speech therapy. This little kid has done so well. I couldn't have those things on for 45 minutes, but she does!

We took the kids to the park, or rather to the local elementary school that has good play toys. Trinity and Ava ran back and forth. And back and forth. And backand forth. Then they spun the stearing wheel.

Then they jumped and screamed like little girls, which is what they are. It makes for a realistic impression.

This is how we got them there. Jogger.

As Jen put it, BFF. Seriously.

Jen is the craft queen. This is part of a Halloween t-shirt project. Yes, t-shirt making often involves torture.

And speaking of torture, here is Teagan wearing and Washington State Cougars jersey. I graduated as a Husky. I think I must have done something wrong to Autumn. Alaso: dad of the year taking a photo while a 13 month old boy stands on a rocking chair with no hands. Don't do as I do!

He'll cringe at this picture when he is older...

This is how I would look if I were wearing a Cougar jersey. Deer in the headlights for sure!

Another video for your dizzy enjoyment:


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