I've got your Labor Day right here...

Okay, maybe just a few random pictures. And a few random anecdotes. Okay, I am done now because I can't think of a word bigger than "anecdotes". Onward!

Trinity feeding her baby...

Autumn already fed her baby...look at how big he's getting!

Car show at the park that was actually the week before Labor Day. So it goes. Here is the best picture we have of Kal and I and the girls on the carousel...

...because it's MUCH better than a dorky one of us pointing. I can't remember too clearly, but I hope we weren't pointing because we thought it would be a cool thing to do for the camera (yikes!)

Grow some hair and he looks like a little boy. What happened to our baby boy?

First "first day of school"? At least this was the first day for the local school district.

We went to the lake Saturday. A few of us went on a boat ride while Autumn and Teagan went for a walk. Here's Teagann contemplating the end of summer. It was a short one this year!

Trinity showing us an alternate way to wear sunglasses

Labor Day hike with the Kelleys. Not a bad group shot, but I heard that I need to zoom in more.

There's no dancing on the trail!

Between Ava's crying and Trinity's daydreaming, this hike could very well go on FOREVER!

Kelley clan, all 3.5 of them!

How can you stand next to a creek and NOT throw a rock? Just answer me that!

I heard that the water was a little bit cold. I dunked just the tip of Teagan's head and he had no idea what happened. He kept looking around, wondering what just happened. Kal said I gave him a swirly, but that would be mean.

Another attempt at a group shot. The first one was better.

This about sums it up; adults happy to be back at the car, kids all tuckered out. It was a great day!


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