Long, with a bit of randomness

Alright, so randomness isn't the word I am looking for. Maybe this post is without a special event. Well, it lacks direct significance. Let's see how many ways I can try to explain a trip to Boise. We do it fairly often. Actually, Autumn and Trinity do it fairly often. I do it occasionally. Teagan, even less than that. The girls are troopers. Even though it is only 130 miles, it can seem like an eternity if you have to do it at least once a week.
This trip had the girls going to two appointments on Wednesday. They we both just follow ups for Trin with the neurologist and ophthalmologist. Everything checked out just fine there. I stayed with Teagan Tuesday and then went over Wednesday night to join Autumn. Trinity and Teagan both stayed with Autumn's folks (thanks Lee and Lorna), who are very helpful and flexible when it comes to our crazy family schedule. Autumn and I celebrated (sort of, as long as you consider a relaxing dinner and then watching television in bed a celebration) our sixth anniversary a little late and then had an appointment with the neuro-psychologist. She gave us the rundown on Trinity's current state of development, which also went well. It's nice that Trinity is making gains in development, but I am also tempted to be bummed that she has to play catch-up at all. But enough downers, on with the pictures!

Excuse me, I said green M&Ms. Only green. Hollywood.

Sharing a treat with Ronnie..

Pleased with herself

As a guy, this picture made me whimper and break out in a cold sweat. Thank goodness for diapers!

With all the girl news this post, I thought I should give a little shout out to our man Teagan. Heckuva smile dude, heckuva smile. Weighs in a 22lbs 6oz now. 30 inches long, for all of you keeping track.

Showin' off the power of the guns...

One thing I will always appreciate about Trinity is her eagerness to make friends with everyone. Strangers at the park don't stand a chance. Everyone in earshot had to hear about "Teegee nigh-nigh". Which, in Trinity-speak, means, "Teagan is asleep". Without context, just babble. Poor strangers.

Givin' Ronnie a little love. The Ronald McDonald House is fantastic!

Posing in front of the fountain

Muffin for breakfast! What a treat!

Maybe one of my favorite pictures of Trinity. This really capture who she is right now. She LOVES to be chased. She LOVES to run. What a joy she is!

And yes, this is how it's done in Boise. Don't be hatin', Texas ain't got this!!!


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