A Baker's Dozen

So, Teagan is 13 months old. That's the baker's dozen reference. it's been a little while since I blogged. What a weird verb. From Wikipedia:
The term "weblog" was coined by Jorn Barger[4] on 17 December 1997. The short form, "blog," was coined by Peter Merholz, who jokingly broke the word weblog into the phrase we blog in the sidebar of his blog Peterme.com in April or May 1999.[5][6][7]Shortly thereafter, Evan Williams at Pyra Labs used "blog" as both a noun and verb ("to blog," meaning "to edit one's weblog or to post to one's weblog") and devised the term "blogger" in connection with Pyra Labs' Blogger product, leading to the popularization of the terms.[8]
So there you go, way more information than you ever wanted. And before I bore you to death, on with the blog!

When I was a kid (not so long ago, but still longer than I care to admit) I always wanted to play in the ball room at Chuck-E-Cheese. Never went. Probably scarred for life from that one. So we have two big bags of plastic balls, which the kids love. That's because they don't have to pick them all up.

Who needs water? Yes, this is an action shot.

Teagan is working on his intimidation techniques.

Trinity is working on having as much fun as possible!

More intimidation

Somewhere between Braveheart, Conan, and Happy Gilmore.

Trinity has a cool little tea pot that makes a sound like it's pouring when you tip it. It's a big hit with the kids. Trinity is cooking something in the microwave while Teagan serves tea. Lucky mom!

In his Sunday best at 13 months old. We managed to get a couple of good pics. Pretty cool cat if you ask me. And you should ask me.

Somehow our baby boy is now a little boy. Yikes things are going fast! Have a good night!


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