You might think she's an angel...

But the little horns are starting to sprout:
Actually, she's no devil at all. Autumn and I were just talking about how sweet a person Trinity is turning out to be. She's about as busy as can be, but she already has more empathy than I will ever have. When other kids get upset, she gets this really worried look on her face. If they start to cry then she joins in to share the moment. Very funny to see.

Nothing significant here, except that she looks like such a big girl, instead of a baby. It's true that they grow up so fast!

Here's another grown-up picture, very studious. In reality I think that she is deciding how best to put it in her mouth.

This happened while I was gone in Arizona. Trinity is learning to eat things off the counter with her mouth. She lets out a giggle and then proceeds to slurp the food straight into her mouth. It's so stinkin' cute...

...and she KNOWS it's cute. She sure is proud of herself!

Big smiles for the camera!

Here's Trinity in her new box, er, play house. She loves the box from her new car seat. We cut a window into the side for her, which soon evolved into a door. She was throwing the ball into the box and then following it in. Then she would throw the ball out of the box and follow it out. We should all be so lucky to be that easily entertained!


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