A walk in the park

Well, it was really a walk to the park. Actually, it was a walk to the high school, where the kindergarten children now attend classes. And it was all in the name of fun! Trinity is a big fan of slides, so off we went to see what was happening on the newly-built playground. This year (I think) our local school district closed a school and moved kindergarten classes to a wing of the high school that is underused. Budget shortfalls have made drastic cuts an unfortunate reality. But it also means new playground equipment, so Trinity benefits! The only thing that really worried me is that the play area is covered with wood chips. Fortunately, she didn't try to eat stuff too often...
But she loves to slide...headfirst! Actually, there is a lump in the middle of the slide where it is not as steep as the rest. So she would slow down and then launch herself the rest of the way. One time, instead of sliding down the bottom half of the slide, she just crawled REALLY fast, pretty much out of control...crazy kid!

This is a really cute outfit that my sister bought for Trinity. Sugar and spice (and everything nice). That's all the rest of the pictures are: cuteness.

This is the first of three photos that I think would make a great series to be framed or something. This one is the serious look.

This one is a nice little smile...

And this one is the singing photo!


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