Y Tri? Because it's FUN!

Alright, so it wasn't the best way to start out: crying in the bike trailer. But hey, it's her first time in the trailer and first time having to wear a helmet. Once we started going, she sang all the way to the YMCA pool to watch her mommy compete in the first ever local mini-triathlon. Good stuff!

That is NOT a happy face. Luckily she has adjusted to the experience very well and now I pick her up from day care on my bike. I love it!

We had to wait a little while for Autumn's heat to start. So we tooled around the pool lobby. Trinity had her eye on the box of bananas that had been set aside for the participants. What you don't see in this picture is Trinity missing the bench with one foot and rolling off. Then she tried to stand up under the bench...poor kiddo! She was okay, just mostly scared.

Is this thing EVER going to start?

Here's what Trinity and I saw: Mommy swimming...

...Mommy riding...

-Short break waiting for mommy to finish the bike portion -

Here she comes!

...and mommy running! Yay mommy!

My girls after the race! Can you believe Autumn did this 6.5 months pregnant? Nuts.

This is Trinity with her friend Dallas. This also qualifies and one of my favorite pictures of the year so far...and your random cuteness of the day!


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