Last weekend...

It was an eventful weekend, as you soon will see. Being Mother's Day on Sunday, I had some plans for Autumn's enjoyment and relaxation, but there were other things to attend to. Saturday morning brought a local mini-triathlon. I'll blog more on that later, but in the mean time Trinity and I had some cheering to do. In order to get over to the pool, we needed a ride. Good thing we were given a used bike trailer! Trinity crawled right in without any prompting at all!

Born to ride!

This seems like a normal photo, but it's really a very important one. Ever since last September, Trinity has been on medication for seizures. Over the last few weeks we have been tapering it and this is the last time that she has to take this medicine. We are so excited that she is medication-free. It's sort of weird to only give her a vitamin in the morning. Nice!

My dad and step-mom came over Friday to see us (read: Trinity). It was great to see my dad doing so well after his surgery and just catch up a little. Guess who else was happy to see them?


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