Walks, Grass and the Park (Or Grandparent Visit #2)

Today my Dad and Sue came over for the afternoon. It had been over a month since they had seen their granddaughter, so it was a good thing for everyone. Trinity seems to be going through an "I want mommy" phase, so exposure to more people is a good thing in my book. It was a gorgeous Sunday, so we went for a walk and had a great time!
Here's Trinity and Opa exploring winter grass. Not as soft as summer grass. Not as green either.

Oma and Trinity.

Trinity's favorite accessory is a cellular phone. Trouble? You betcha!

After my folks had left, we took Trinity to the park to swing and go down the slide. It was a bright day, so we took her a baseball cap. Yeah, she left it on for about 2 minutes. But it was a darn cute 2 minutes!

Swing? Yeah, not so much.

Slide? Now we're talking! She had a great time talking to the other kids and sliding down the big blue slide. No, no action shots, I was too busy catching the kid with both hands. She loved it!

After that we went and walked around in the grass. Trinity hadn't done that yet, so you can chalk it up to another first. She had a little trouble with the uneven ground, but carpet will be cake after this!

It appears there is a secret to Trinity's walking success; she can't walk without leaves in her hand. I didn't realize how much power a handful of leaves can give you. If she didn't have some in her hands (or her mouth) she would either stop to pick some up, or simply sit down and grab a couple of handfuls. Hey, I admit it: I have a lot to learn about walking.


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