She's a cute one...and so is this story!

So the other night Autumn went and played Bunco with a bunch of other gals. They go to one person’s house and have a light dinner and have a grand night of cards. I’ll confess that I don’t even know what Bunco is. I know it means I have Trinity for the evening and that’s about it. This is the second time that the group has gathered, and it seems it will continue. The first time, while the wives were away playing, a few of us dads got together for a little daddy daycare. The kids have a great time too, so we decided that it would be a good idea to do it again. So that’s what we did.

I picked up my friend Kal and his daughter Ava, who is 2 months younger than Trinity. It is great having neighbors who have a child the same age as ours. I keep telling them that our second child is going to need a playmate too, but so far I haven’t got a response. We went over to another friend’s house, who has two little girls who are three and five. Eleanor and Sidney are pretty adorable, and it was general mayhem in a cute little girl sort of way. There was pizza waiting for us when we walked in, which was pretty sweet if you ask me! Eric even cut the pizza up for all the little girls!

I had already fed Trinity dinner before I left, because she eats and goes to bed pretty early. She loves her beauty rest! So she was fed and changed and ready to go! But that didn’t stop her from eating an entire piece of pizza all by herself. She wolfed down the Hawaiian pizza that Eric gave her and ate over half of my pepperoni piece. I’m still not sure where she puts it! The most impressive part about it is that there were only a few pieces on the floor, maybe 5. Did I say that she loves pizza? Needless to say, she impressed everyone at the table with her eating prowess.

Later on, we were all playing in the living room and Trinity had my phone. I took it and showed Sidney the ultrasound of the new baby. I asked her if she knew what it was and she said, “Trinity?”

“No,” I said, “that’s Trinity’s little brother or sister”.

Sidney’s face lit up and she said, “Trinity’s going to be a big sister!”
A few minutes later, Sidney walked back over to me and said, “Trinity can teach her little brother or sister how to shove pizza into her mouth with both hands!”

We should all have such a noble legacy to pass down.


  1. Aww... You made my night! The girls loved having the babies here.


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