Glasses make me look smarter...sort of

So, Trinity's grandparents came to town for a couple of days...It's good to have them here to visit with Trinity. My mom has been going through withdrawal, so they loaded up the Subaru and made the long trek to Baker City. Trinity thinks it's great because she gets to wear grandpa's reading glasses. She thought it was the funniest thing in the world, she even left them on for a minute or two! Me, I think this qualifies as the random cuteness of the day:

I stumbled across the next picture when I was pulling pictures off the camera. Both of these pictures were taken when the memory card was not in the camera, so they were both in the internal memory of the camera. This one brought back some memories that are hard to think about sometime. This was taken in the hospital, after Trinity has been taken off of the ventilator, but before she could see. On one hand it is a nice contrast because she sure has come a long way since the day this picture was taken. We weren't sure of anything back then. We're not much more sure now, but Trinity has improved so much that it is hard to tell that anything happened at all. But for Autumn and I it is still hard to think about what the effects might be. All that aside though, Trinity sure is doing well and I am so thankful that she is thriving. Enjoy the picture, thanks for the memories:


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