Just Messing Around

So we have a busy daughter...did anyone really expect anything else? Ha! Trinity has this toy lion that has wheels so she can push it around like a shopping cart. In a little while, we'll drop the handle, which becomes a seat, so she can ride it like a buckin' bronco. You go girl! The other day she was crawling around, when she grabbed her music table, stood up and started to push it around like her lion. Who needs wheels?

This next video was shot after she was doing something really cute. If I had a penny for every time I could say that, I'd have quite a few pennies. I wouldn't be rich or anything, but my pocket would have quite the jingle going on. BEFORE this, she had her plastic keys in one had, a ball or something in the other hand and she was crawling after this other ball to pick it up with her mouth. Needless to say, she was having a hard time picking it up, so she really ended up chasing the ball all over the living and dining room. You can't say she's not persistent! Anyway, this video is just her looking awfully cute. She's good at that!


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