A Season to Celebrate

'Tis the season to be jolly, although there is a song that someone wrote that says something about a time to cry. It was almost that time, except that I am waaaaay too manly to cry, except at weddings. And that part in the movie "Top Gun" where Goose dies. That gets me every time. But alas, I digress again. Back to the business at hand: celebrations! I know that there hasn't been a ton of writing lately, and I apologize for that. But here are some pictures to let you know what has been happening lately:

Here is a celebration (sad) moment: the last bag of breast milk. Congratulations Autumn, we had enough in the freezer to last three months after you stopped breast feeding...wow!
Here is Trinity enjoying her last "home-cooked" bottle. It's also a darn cute picture. The kid just kills me with that smile.

If Trinity were a wild animal (and she may very well be), then this would be her intimidation move, sort of like a cobra when they puff out their hood. This will also work well against a mountain lion right? They say to make yourself as big as possible. Notice how she is holding her toy in her mouth. She is very efficient; she can carry three things now instead of two.

More celebration: first picture with Santa Claus. I guess the boy before her screamed his head off. We were never really worried about that. She was mostly just curious. We'll see how the official shot turns out. As a side note, I hope that you can appreciate the cute knit dress with the fur-lined hood and patent leather shoes. She was all dressed up for her close up!

While we were getting pictures taken, we ran into many friends. Here Richard and I are, trying to wrangle a couple of toddlers into posing for a picture. Yeah right, it's easier catching a greased pig with chopsticks. Mostly Trinity just wanted to grab Quinn. She has already grabbed her friend Alex and kissed him and made him cry. Keep in mind that her kisses involve teeth and ear grabbing. Poor kid. In all fairness to Trinity, I did tell her that she can hang out with all the boys that she wants, as long as they leave crying.

I think her mom taught her this one. You might think that she is trying to climb, but she's not. She's high stepping. Or she is trying to mark her territory. Hard to say really.

As you may or may not know, our Baker High School Bulldog football team is going to the state championship this weekend. Here is Trinity telling them what to do when they get there: Touchdown!

That's about it and it's about time. I am tired and it's too late to be up. We go to Boise for more tests on Wednesday, so I'll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, find someone who you care about and give them a big hug. Everyone likes hugs.


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