Santa Claus is coming to town

In a previous post, I mentioned that we had Trinity's picture taken with Santa. They took 1 shot. In the digital age where memory cards are a dime a dozen, they took 1 shot. Don't get me started on THAT. But I digress (as I usually do). Trinity was intrigued by the man with a mountain goat hide attached to his face. Why would a grown man do that? I guess I wouldn't smile either. I would be sitting on his lap, staring at the camera with my mouth wide open. Oh, look, my daughter is doing the same thing!

See, she's astounded that a man would sit for hours voluntarily wearing animal hair on his face. She confided later that, even though she was calm, the whole episode unnerved her a little. We talked about it later and she is starting to understand the whole "Santa" thing, but still insists that the best part of opening presents is eating the wrapping paper.

My wife works at the local hospital and they bring Santa every year for employees and their families. We decided to give the picture thing another try. This time it was polaroid or bust, so there's that. But it was a fun chance to get Trinity out meeting people, which seems to be her element.

Not too long previous to these pictures,a good friend of ours bought Trinity a new Christmas dress. Her daughter bought one to match. As you can see here, they are quite the cute matched pair! Thanks Kailey!

Showin' off the new dress...pretty cute!

Why do I keep having to visit strange men dressed in red? And why do they insist on wearing mountain goats on their face? Ooh, I like glasses!

Here they are again, this time without the polaroid-ness.

Here are three out of the four Pointer ladies, showing Trinity a little love. They have been such great friends and so loving to Trinity, she just loves them!

Hangin' with grandma, showing off the new duds...

Here's me and my granddad, boy he's tall!


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