This year we went to McCall, Idaho to spend Christmas with Autumn's brother Wade and his family. We did the same thing last year and had a great time! Wade's in-laws have a huge shindig every year together and it is a blast to just hang out for a few days. It was pretty cold while we were there, but it was warm by the fire! Here are a few pictures:

The best way to meet people is from a friendly lap. Ah, my aunt Amy's will do! I get a great view and get to meet all the interesting people that come by. Oh my, this lady had to kill a black and white tiger to get pants!

First real stocking for Trinity, where she once again proved that one-year-olds are more interested in the wrapping than what's inside.

Trinity's first snowshoeing trip. Okay, she was in the backpack, but out into the white stuff we went. It was fun and she talked my ear off the whole time. Just like her mother, and I mean that in the best way!

While she seemed to enjoy the ride, she also found it altogether too relaxing. Note the open mouth and slack jaw...on Trinity, not me.

Just a cute picture of my girls.

After McCall we went to my dad's, where Trinity had another stocking to unpack and more gifts to unwrap. Here's her new smock. No self-respecting young lady is found without her smock!

So she got a rocking horse that has the sounds effects...all she wanted to do was eat the stirrups. That's my girl! Here she is showing mom her grip strength.

I usually try and show the best shot of a series. In this digital age, we snap a dozen shots and pick the one where no one is blinking or looking away. I think that this is a great shot because it is more realistic. Trinity is always moving or looking around. The great part about this shot is that we have the grandparents trained to stay looking at the camera. Thanks dad and Sue!

Back at home we had a mini Christmas to open some gifts from my family. Trinity sure loved the gifts, but her true love is the paper! I guess that's the advantage of being one: simple things entertain.


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