So, our little Trinity is getting awfully close to walking. In fact, as of tonight she took a couple more steps without assistance. Her favorite move right now is a step and then a lunge towards whatever (or whoever) she is going towards. It's a little dangerous, but I guess that why their bones aren't brittle yet, right?

In honor of Trinity's impending bipedal adventure, we took a few videos that show the evolution of her modes of transportation. I didn't use any videos that happened before the crawling phase because it simply wasn't that effective. So we start with crawling:

Our next evolutionary turn was the two-handed walk. If this is any sign of what is to come, then we're in trouble. I say that because she leads with her belly. She leans WAY forward when walking with two hands' worth of assistance. Here's the view:

Next is the one-handed walk. She can't lean forward as much with only one hand's worth of assistance, so I am hopeful that she'll walk before she runs. Either way, she's one stinkin' cute baby. Here's a few seconds' worth:

Here is the final evolution before the real deal happens. She is walking the lion all by herself. Mom is there in case the slick floor takes another victim, but she's doing this herself. Woohoo, here we go...


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