A couple of weeks ago now we went to Seaside, Oregon. I love the salt water, it is the one thing that I miss out here in Eastern Oregon. I miss the smell of the salt. It's wierd maybe, but until I moved here to Baker City, I always lived near the ocean or a body of salt water, except for maybe a few months while I was in the navy. So it was nice to smell the salt air and get out of town for a little. We went there with the Baker Elks Drum and Bugle Corp. It was the Elks State Convention and the Drum Corp always tries to attend these events. We are supported by the Elks and conventions always give us a chance to take a road trip. While we were heading west, Autumn, Trinity and I stopped in Portland to see Autumn's uncle and aunt. They had not seen Trinity yet, except for pictures. It was a nice visit that we don't do enough. After the weekend, my mom and Harry stopped by on their way back from the southwest. They had been traveling for about six weeks and I think they needed a grandbaby fix. Enjoy the pictures:

The Baker Elks Drum Corp is a great group of people, taking trips with them is always a great time!

Trinity and Great Uncle Burl in the back yard with the dogwood in full bloom! Despite her expression, Trinity was having a great time!

Trinity and (great) Aunt Lorraine. Great picture!

One thing Autumn and I like to do is enjoy the local food wherever we travel. Seaside was no different, since seafood is always on the menu when you're visiting the coast! Mmm, scallops!

As you can see, Trinity had a great time riding with mom around Seaside! Alternatively, she was bored to sleep while hanging out with dad!

Then it was home to Baker, where my mom and Harry came to visit. Here's the proud grandma! And of course, no proper blog post is complete without a random picture of cuteness. So, without further ado, here is Trinity in her new dress that her great Oma bought for her:


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