Random Goodness

So these photos are just a few that I liked. The next update should be the half marathon (for those of you still holding your breath, let it out.) In fact, I think that there will be two separate updates for our Boise weekend. There are some great shots of Trinity with her Oma and Opa that should get some of their own air time. Meanwhile, here are some random shots taken between all of our trips recently.

This first shot below is probably not even sanitary. Do we know where that cup has been? Oh well, I don't think this will be an isolated incident. Besides, it's coffee. Gotta start 'em early!

These next photo is designed to embarrass Trinity when she is older. Even if the blog goes away, I still have these on the hard drive. Sorry kid!

I was talking to my Oma on the phone when I discovered that Trinity was hungry. I made sure to let her know that her trying to nurse on me was going to result in two unhappy people, but she tried anyway. That's my girl!

The last couple of photos were funny, but this one is just plain sweet. Enjoy!


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