So here we are again, a couple of weeks late...oh well. I suppose it's better late than never, right? Well, maybe and maybe not. But either way, that's the way this story starts. Where was I? Oh yeah, now I remember. It was about two weeks ago...

Yeah, that's snow. It was April 30th. That's how we roll here in Baker. I sound like it's okay. But in reality, here is how I feel:

Actually, I didn't really mind the snow, it didn't stick and the sheer size of the flakes was pretty impressive. This picture was actually taken in Spokane, Washington. We went there so Autumn could run in Bloomsday. Over 50,000 people run in this 12k event every year. I heard that it is the largest timed run in the country. Don't quote me, I just heard it said, that's all. It could be a lie. But aside from all of that, we went there and saw our good friends and their kids for a nice weekend. Autumn and her friend Angela ran their first race together; they even ran at a faster pace than they are used to. I guess it was the race adrenaline. Here's a couple pictures from our weekend visit with friends:

Born in 2008. Sometimes it still surprises me that we have a daughter who is six months old.

As a cool surprise, we ran into our friends from Baker, Chris and Teresa. Not only are they physically fit, they are pretty photogenic too:

We ran into them (not literally) as we were winding our way down to see Autumn and Angela at the finish line. As a side note, we never did see them cross the line. Mostly because I didn't stick to the plan. While we were waiting, Trinity was so excited to see her mom run that she couldn't help but...fall asleep. Not very supportive, but cute:

Even though we (I was with Angela's friend Nancy) didn't see them run, we did stick to plan b and found them at the backup meeting place. Here are the two cutest runners in Bloomsday:

Here is Angela and her very supportive friend Nancy, who came up with Angela for the weekend just to see her friend run the race. Good friends are the best!

The gals did great and then it was time to go. It's also time for me to go, to bed that is. Here is your random parting shot of cuteness. I love the hair!


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