We're In!

There'll be some more updates soon, but for now I'll post some pics of our new house. Autumn had a great idea to print some of her pictures in black and white and frame them for the dining room. It is the top picture. That picture will also give you an idea how BIG the baby is getting. the pictures below Autumn are the three pictures on the wall. Each is a picture from a different trip that we have taken. The bicycle picture was taken in Uganda, the bridge is from Nepal, and the street sign with the house was taken when we went to New Orleans to help with clean up.
What a great idea. It is so fun being in the new house. There are still a few wrinkles to be ironed out, but overall it is a great feeling to be there. I am painting the baby's room while Autumn is in Chicago with her mom, and planting some trees to spruce the place up. I'll post pics later for that stuff. In the mean time, enjoy some pics of our new place. We went to Boise and picked up a couple of area rugs and some window coverings too. The place is really coming along. I think that I am nesting. So it goes.


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