Funny, I decided to help time go by a little quicker by writing on the blog today and I see Aaron had the same thoughts! I've packed up about as much as I dare to pack here at my parents house just in case we do end up staying here the rest of the weekend. I sure hope we are able to move into the house today though. My parents have been great to let us stay here the past 4 months but as much as I love them and enjoy spending time with them Aaron and I are definitely ready to have a house again. In the entire scheme of things a few more days would not really matter but it almost feels like Christmas when I was a kid. If I waited and waited for Christmas day to arrive and then when it finally did I was told I would have to wait a few more days before I could open any presents it would be a little disappointing. Getting a new house is like grown-up Christmas I guess. The other thing I'm waiting for is our ultrasound this afternoon. As Aaron mentioned, the doctor thought I was measuring a little small and has decided to check and make sure everything is looking okay with the ultrasound. He sounded confident that things should be okay but I keep flashing back to my ob/gyn rotation in PA school and remembering all the problems that can arise during pregnancy. I try not to think about it but it's funny how things just keep popping into your head. Anyway, I'll definitely feel better once we get the ultrasound. Plus, it will be fun to see little Happy Feet again!


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