Feeling Old...

I ran into some old friends on Facebook today...crazy stuff if you ask me. I thought about things that hadn't crossed my mind in years. I saw two girls that are daughters of some friends; I knew both of them before they could walk! They are 12 and 16 years old now. Crazy. They are pictured above. I used to babysit them. The younger one, Alana, would fall asleep on my lap while I was sitting in the glider. Then I would fall asleep too. good stuff. Brittany, the older of the two, is about to drive. I can imagine that gray hair is what's next for mom and dad. Either way, it brings back some fond memories.

I also heard from a couple of people that I knew in junior and senior high school. We all went to Mexico on a mission trip when I was a senior. I think I was a senior. See, I am getting old. So it goes. I digress. We went to Mexico and helped build an orphanage. Pretty great stuff. I am so glad that I was exposed to that when I was young. Seeing real poverty is the sort of thing that sticks with you. I know I still take things for granted, but I've known what it is to really need God in a tangible way. It was good to reconnect and know that we still share something. It fills your life out a little bit. I reminds me that God is bigger than where I am right now.


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