So, here's another random post. I need to get more specific. Or maybe not. The holidays are upon us, so I am guessing that there will be plenty of event-specific posts on the way. Did I mention that I won a trip to Belgium? Well, I just did! Be very jealous!

We found a grader to play in. Teagan loves construction stuff right now.
Me: It's a grader Teagan!
Teagan: Like granddad?
Me: Yes Teagan, just like Granddad!

The boys

Trinity spelling. She likes to read and spell

Teagan went bowling with Jackie on Saturday while I was at the Bronco game Boise. His first time bowling!

He'll learn not to do that very much.

Checking out the lane

Watching the ball go!

Not bad for being two!

Yes,  Teagan is officially better than me at bowling.

A while back this picture was taken.

I do believe Mrs. Kelley earns way more style points AND is way faster, since she can actually pedal the thing. She might be ready for take off!


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