Much to be thankful for. Yeah, we can all say that. Really, we can. If you are reading this then you have much to be thankful for. You have both computer access and time. Not only that, you have time to read a blog that doesn't really add anything necessary to your life. Alright, if a poorly placed sense of humor is necessary, then I guess we fit. But you get my drift. You have a car, house and savings account, you are in the top 10% of the world when it comes to wealth. Okay, I don't really have numbers to back that up, but someone once told me that when I was young and idealistic. Even if it is half true, most of us are rich, rich, rich. Throw in a really good friend and your life is priceless. Be thankful.

Today is Thanksgiving. Today is Trinity's birthday. Today I had enough spare time and money to run a local 5k turkey Trot. Rich indeed!

Teagan and Trinity were treated to ice cream with Jen, Ava and Emerson on Wednesday. Happy birthday eve, Trinity!

Emerson, representing all the immobile people. Trapped like a rat! That's not a bad thing if there's ice cream coming!

Almost birthday girl!

Best friend of almost-birthday-girl

The morning of Thanksgiving (and Trinity's birthday this year) had a local 5k for charity. We named our team "Got the Trots" and wore diapers. Good stuff! Turns out that Autumn needed to help me figure the darn thing out. It's been a while since I used one of these...

Cold, but there's cookies!


My girls

Running is contagious!

Synchronized laying down?

40% of the team! Go Kelleys!

Turns out that Jackie's team beat ours in the costume department. Our name is better though.

This means it's time to go home. It's way to cold!

Thanksgiving with Autumn's family!

Rockstar cake by Autumn

Because olives taste better this way...

Thanksgiving is better with birthday cake, trust me!

If you look closely, mommy is helping blow the candles out

Princess Trinity!


Who needs forks! And yes, there were 6 colors in that cake.

Like I said, rockstar cake. Rockstar mom.

The kids like Duke, he's the best!


No presents for me? I'll just see what classic cars are for sale...

Yeah, even teenage boys are ticklish!

No, one party wasn't enough. We prefer the marathon method.

After turkey, after mincemeat pie, after birthday cake, we had birthday cupcakes with the Kelley family.

Yes, Autumn made rainbow cupcakes. Like I said, ROCKSTAR!

First cupcake? No Problem. And...whatchu lookin at?


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