Recent Random Rowdiness

So there's been a bunch of stuff going on lately. This post isn't about any of that stuff. It has been mostly been boring, nothing you'd want to know about anyway. Instead, here's some random stuff from August to October. How's that for a summary? 

It seems harder and harder to get the kids to smile for the camera. Glad we caught this one of Trinity and her uncle Wade!

Who doesn't get excited for cake?!?!?

This was Autumn's birthday party. Goofballs!

Monkey #1 is very proud of herself!

We went to McCall for a few days. While we were there, we went to some hot springs. The best part was that this pool was the same depth the whole way, so the kids could roam the whole thing without ever going too far!

If he knew how nice hot springs really are, he would be smiling.

Juice boxes rule!


That slide is a loooong one!

A cute pic. Almost inappropriate though. Sorry Audi!

Not a whole lot to say here. Cuteness.

Remember summer? Me too, barely!

It turns out that hamburgers are best when they are dipped in soda.

Nope, wasn't joking.


Helping collect firewood to roast weenies. Teagan can't see a thing without his glasses!

Mommy shows how it's done!

I like this one.

This picture isn't from McCall, but flying kids are funny!

Notice how she maintains form even with her milk cup!

Grandma's memorial. Leave it to the little girl to brighten things up.

Mad face!

Cute kitty!

Cuties...and Teagan with three suckers. Love that candy!

Halloween at preschool

Our little kitty working hard on decorating her cookie!

Cute kid. It's a good thing sometimes.

I don't post videos much, but here's a couple. Teagan jumping.

Jen caught this glimpse into the future of our little band!


  1. I should be studying but instead i'm stalking your blog! It was nice catching up on the goings on of your precious little family! :)


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