Life's Funny Like That!

It's always funny to start with a picture of a toilet, I don't care WHAT you're writing! It seems like this year we have taken an all time low number of photographs. Blame it on the rain, whatever, we're not snapping like we used to. I also haven't posted much here either. Coincidence? Not likely. In all honesty though, we still take plenty of pictures, many of them blurry, many of them off center, too dark, too light, you name it. We also have our share of endearing shots as well. But I tried to not post any of those here. Mainly these are shots that make me say, "hmm, that's funny!". Please keep in mind that the word "funny" has many meanings, so don't criticize the photo that didn't make you laugh. Or do. Go on with your bad self!

Yeah, bathroom humor is the best! Outdoor bathroom humor is even better!

Take me to your leader!

Trinity was playing with a toy mermaid. She has two of them. She likes to play with them in the bath. At any given time, they are missing at least one arm. Maybe both. Trin really likes to play with them and it turns out that she had pulled the flipper (mermaid legs?) off of this poor maid and was trying to pop the -ahem- bosom area back out when she realized that she couldn't extract her finger. So, a bar of soap, lotion, fingernail clippers and finally a pair of sharp cooking shears later, here is the aftermath. Well, that and a really purple finger!

They really like each other, when they aren't driving each other mad!

Okay, not a funny picture. Just an good picture of my beautiful wife!

So, as a family we like to run. We frequently race to and fro. Funny huh? If you look closely, you'll notice that we'll race race almost any time and any place, in ANY footwear...ha!

Yeah, just funny faces!

Wanna know something sort of funny? I won a trip to New York. Really, it wasn't funny. It was AWESOME! But one funny thing was that we were walking through Times Square and ended up on Good Morning America!

What's funny is that we really DO like each other, you just can't tell in this  picture.

There, that's better!

What was funny was that we had tickets to a small concert by John Legend and this Airstream was at the entrance. That's funny!

Yep, we were close.

Brooklyn Bridge shot taken from a taxi...yep, a little cliche!

Yeah, that's a real cookie!

Until next time!


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