Hmm, if you were to tell me that I have a 6 year old daughter and a 4 year old son, I would, at any time 6.75 years ago and earlier, tell you that you are crazy. That you don't know what you're talking about. I would also have you escorted out by security. So it goes. And here I am. I have a daughter that just turned six. Okay, in all procrastinating fairness, her birthday was three months ago. I simply haven't written about it. Some of that is the day to day routine that seems to discourage creativity. Wait. That's an excuse. Sometimes the day to day routine allows me an excuse to not write about things that are important. That's better. Here's my daughter, my first child:

Trin is really about joy. Sure there's moments where that's not completely true. I know that. But when I zoom out and take it all in, there's not many people I know, adult or otherwise, who have lives that are as joy-filled as hers. The truth is that most of the joy simply comes from her, from somewhere inside. I am simply a recipient. I'll take it!

I love these pictures! The fact that Trin is missing four teeth seems only to add to the cuteness of it all. Of course by now she is growing a few of her adult teeth in (another weird though: my daughter as an adult),  but in a way I think that growing up is simply one awkward moment to the next. Sometimes parents try to cover that up with photos, but if we're honest it's the unusual moments that help punctuate our lives. Think about it for a moment. It's not peeing in our pants, it's not talking gibberish, it's riding a two wheeled contraption, it's our teeth falling out, it's...all sorts of weirdness that we take notice of. It's not the everyday work of getting dirty or being a good listener that we remember. So this is how I choose to remember my daughter this year: full of smiles, not full of teeth. Full of confidence, not self consciousness.  Full of beautiful, uncensored, carefree, cuteness that transcends all the weight that falls on us as we grow older. That's who I choose to remember. May we also remember ourselves that same beautiful way!

Happy belated birthday Trin!


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