Random Pictures from Fall 2014

How's that for a great title? I thought about writing on here again and found this jumble of photos. I don't think I had a them or anything for this, just wanted to document the Fall activities around Halloween and maybe a bit after that. Enjoy!

Teagan and his preschool class on a field trip to the corn maze and pumpkin patch!

Clean out pumpkins to carve. I love roasting the seeds!

I don't know, but it's a cute smile

Trick or Treat!

They picked out their own costumes this year, both were pretty happy. I think Teagan wore his the entire month leading up to the big event! Come to think of it, he STILL wears it whenever he gets the chance!


S'more sugar please!

Sticky sweetness, TWO TIMES!

Making the rounds

Filling those candy buckets!

Yup, more candy!

Posing for a picture with the dog. I do think Max is about to abscond with all the candy. He's got that sneaky look about him!

The kids just LOVE handing out candy at the door. I think they like it as much as they like getting candy!

Trin and Autumn helped deliver food boxes for those in need.

Not sure what this is. Well, I know it's a bad picture of me, but I'm not sure why it here.

The best thing about bike rides is that there's cupcakes! Okay, there's not always cupcakes. But there was this time!

She always knows the right way to go!

More meal delivery...

I think we were brewing beer while the kids played...

I think we were brewing beer while the kids played...

I think we were brewing beer while the kids played...

More fall bike riding...I'm pretty sure it was cold!

He LOVES his Spiderman sweatshirt!

Digging up our first ever sweet potatoes!

Just digging!

More digging!

Our first ever sweet potatoes! They look sad because we forgot to water them at the end of the season. The skin had split and they looked pretty bad. But inside they were great!


Pout...one of Teagan's many talents!

Pout, version 2.0

Not pouting anymore! Young Life breakfast!

Trinity at her school assembly (striped shirt, pink pants)

Musing: weird that our child rides one of these now.

Throwing snow...another of Teagan's many talents! Unfortunately he can't take it quite as well as he can dish it out right now. He'll have to get used to it though!

Landon and Teagan, partners in crime!

Bowling is nowhere near as fun as playing the arcade games!

Watching mommy bowl!

Love the ramp for the kids, it makes it a little more fun for everyone, as do the gutter rails!

Violence could ensue...

Fun picture! Landon was great company for both of the kids!

Maybe Thanksgiving dinner at church? I think that the best part was that the kids latched onto Liz and Anna at church, so I could actually eat!

Teagan was eating scoops of butter. Uh, yuck!

Trin and Ruby making snow angels!

I'm not sure what Trinity is doing but I can guarantee that Teagan is eating a cookie from the bakery.

I think that this was my first lunch with Trinity at school!

Whew! I made it through and hopefully so did you! See you soon!


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