Hey, Happy Easter!

For the big event, we had 10 people total at the house (I told Autumn we should have bought place settings for twelve, not eight!), plus Trinity! It was great fun to have my Dad and Sue over, along with Autumn's family. It was a tight squeeze, but we made it around the table! Aunt Amy brought a mylar balloon for Trinity, which she absolutely loves. We clip it to here pant leg and when she kicks, it moves, making her kick even more! It is great fun for all of us. Here are some pictures:

Imagine her surpise at getting an Easter basket! Oh my!

Here she is with her first balloon. There have been others in the house since she was born, but none just for her! Kick, kick, kick!

Above is our motley crew. Not to be mistaken for the original Motley Crue:

I guess you can still see them in concert. To give you a frame of reference, I could see them in concert when I was ten. Yeah, that's how old they are. Do you think they ever regret the tattoos? If not, I can regret it for them. By the way, is Tommy Lee even wearing pants?

And what exactly does this picture have to do with Easter? Nothing. It's actually just a really funny picture that I can use to blackmail her later. Maybe not blackmail, just embarrass. Awesome! Also, it just seems impressively WRONG for hip joints to move this way. Ouch. My arthritis is acting up just looking at this picture.

The proper way to end a post is to show you my two ladies. Here you go, smiles for miles.


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