Last day to ski!

If you like slush. We went up to Anthony Lakes with Wade and Amy last Sunday. Mark was up there as well, he's ski patrol so he had to work! The weather was great and we had a nice time hanging around and eating some hot dogs and hamburgers. I didn't bring my snowboard, but Autumn brought her skis. She and Wade took a couple of runs, since it was their last chance this season. Here are some pictures:

Our two newest Ski Patrol members, Mark and Wade! Congratulations Guys!

Mark is doing his duty: holding his little cousin. Great picture guys!

The ladies, in the proverbial "house".

Here we have Wade doing what Butkus the bulldog wants to be doing; eating a hamburger. Good doggie!

Smooth move Mark. Don't worry, your Dad did it before you did!

Yeah, I was there too. Cheesy pic, sheesh!


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