Another Long Post

But I'm not sorry. These are pictures of three of the four most important women in my life. The only one not her is my sister, and she is a couple of posts back. So the long post is here and there's nothing to be done about it. I mean, seriously. Look at that face. Who wouldn't want lots of pictures?

The above picture is Trinity on my Mom's shoulder...Mom and Harry came down for the weekend, it was really nice to see them. I am so happy that they are excited about Trinity! Not that they wouldn't be, but it is nice to see.

I can't remember when this picture was taken, but she's so darn cute! She keeps getting more and more expressive every day. One of these days she's going to give me this look and say, "holy schmoly dad, you're funny looking!"

The two ladies of my life. 'Nuff said.

Snoozin' on mom's chest, relaxing because I know I'm loved.

For some reason some of the best pictures I have of Trinity are in black and white. Maybe it reminds me that there are rare moments of beauty that I don't always see when they happen. The pictures capture the moment in a way that didn't stand out to me, even though I was there for each one. Strange, but I think that I like the reminder that each moment is precious, even though I don't always realize it in the moment.


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