And on an even lighter note...

We now have further confirmation that yes, Trinity is our daughter. I can assure you that after the whole birth process there has never been a doubt in my mind but every once in awhile it is nice to know she indeed does have some of our traits. And I'm not talking about her nose or her smile or her temperment--I think it still might be too early to tell on these. However, there is one trait she has that most certainly must be genetic. Melody, Trinity's daycare provider, told me yesterday that our daughter can pass gas like no other. And I don't think Melody meant just like no other baby. I think she truly meant like no other--adults included. I admit that Aaron and I have some skill in this area ourselves and we've been quite impressed with the sounds that can come from this 12 pound little girl. But what do we know. Melody on the otherhand has 35 years of experience and if she's impressed...well, let's just say I think we've created a pretty gifted child! Makes a mama proud.

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