Since we last spoke...

Seems like it's been a while since we spoke. Well, it's been a while since I spoke. You could have been talking up a storm for all I know! I like storms! But I'm off track already. Here's a little of what's going on. There will be a more comprehensive update at some point, probably. For now you get a smattering of cuteness and vague references to what's actually going on in our lives. Enjoy!

Yep, second self-extracted tooth, this time at school!

When your eight year old gets your phone. There were 35 of these that I deleted.

Last week I was in Minnesota, where, among other things, I went for a run!

Also, I visited the 32nd floor of a very shiny building. Job interview. Result: inconclusive.

In Stillwater, Minnesota I was lucky enough to stumble across this little beauty!

Back to Bozeman: Spring has sprung and bike rides become the order of the day!

Teagan is playing soccer and t-ball. He always does a nice job of looking the part! 

Autumn was back in town and we went for a hike, look at the wildlife I found!

Back in April (sooo long ago...two weeks?) we ran up a volcano...

Then wisely ran back down!

There were grandparent visits

There was beauty

Did I mention we went for a hike?

We went on a date!

Did I mention we went on a hike?

Teagan went for a run...

Did I mention we went on a hike?

I hope y'all are living it up!


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