Bozeman Bound!

Hard to watch, hard to look away. Hard day for mom!
Day One
My boy
Saying goodbye to family and loved ones is never easy. Saying yes to an unknown future can also be a hard thing to do. And that’s exactly what Trinity and I did at 7:30am on Saturday, September 17th, 2016. I hugged and kissed my wife and son goodbye. Trinity hugged and kissed her mom and brother goodbye. Then she and I set out into the unknown. These were not insignificant things. On the flip side though, it was the beginning of an adventure for the whole family!

I will spare you the minutiae and just say that day one was a long day in the saddle. We pulled out of Baker at 7:30am only to swing around the block because I forgot the towing mirrors for the pickup. Whoops! Then, at 7:33am we pulled away from the house again. Then at 7:35am we stopped for gas. Wait, I was summarizing, wasn’t I?
Room with a View!
We ended up pulling into our resting spot for the day around 8:00pm (Mountain Standard Time, so really it was 7:00pm local). That’s a long day. It didn’t help that I was fighting a cold (yes, a fully over-exaggerated case of the man-flu if you must know!) so I pulled into our spot in Idaho Falls, made up the beds and hit the sack, just 423 miles into our trip.

Day Two

Yep, still at Walmart!
Day two started out just fine. I got up and made some coffee in the stove top espresso maker (fancy!) and Trin and I scrounged up a quick breakfast from all the goodies that Autumn had packed for us. I opened the curtains to find that most of our overnight neighbors had already hit the road. Just a few slowpokes left to occupy an entire Walmart parking lot. Yep, Trin and I joined the many cheapskates that choose to save a few bucks by parking in the far reaches of a Walmart parking lot because they let you do that for free. Hey, I said it was an adventure, right?

After coffee, breakfast and a (not-so) quick game of SORRY! (I won, in case you were wondering. I was a very close game though!) we hit the road. I will take a moment hear to give a big shout out to a) my wife for packing enough snacks and food to get us through two days with just a cooler and some ice. Did I mention that the trailer had no electricity? and b) my daughter for putting with a sniffling and sniveling day for two long days of travel. She did awesome. The women in my life are saints, all of them.
I mustache you a question...
Midafternoon we rolled into Bozeman, Montana, our home for the time being. We pulled into the RV park (a real one this time, not a parking lot) and got a little more settled. Crazy that Trinity would start school the next day!

More to follow!


  1. Tough decision, but God always gives us the right direction to go. :)

  2. Love the stories keep them coming !! You two are rock star parents !

  3. Love the stories keep them coming !! You two are rock star parents !


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