So, I'm pretty lazy. There are a TON of photos. Okay, maybe not a ton. But there's a small truck load for sure. Here's the lazy part: I'm not even going to organize them in a meaningful way. Ha!

A couple of weekends months ago now, we went up to Seattle for a family reunion of sorts. I mean, it is a reunion for sure, but the family isn't that big and so it feels more like a get together than a reunion. We do come from several different states to do it, but my dad's side of the family has always been pretty close and with the advent of social media, these things feel more like family barbecues or something of that nature. All that to say, the Harrell clan convened in Indianola, Washington on August 9th, 2014. And it was really really nice to see everyone!

The date was decided because it was Indianola Days from August 8th-10th and that meant that my cousin Carrie would be up from California with her family to be with her mom for the weekend. She's really the only one who can't drive to the area in a reasonable amount of time, so it was best to pick a date that she would already be in town. I found a blog about Indianola Days here. It's a weekend of fun and sun on the beach, and it's in the same town where Aunt Jackie and Uncle Bill live. Bonus!

Autumn and I and the kids left Thursday afternoon so that we could make a little more relaxing trip and less of a whirlwind. The family get together was Saturday, so that left us Friday to goof around in Seattle. We ended up riding the duck, which was a blast! Then it was family time.

This won't be the last wrestling photo we take...

Sister and brother in law...

Teagan getting a little advice from uncle Jason

Cute boy!

Teagan, Trin and cousin Eleanor!

Most of the family! This simply doesn't happen much anymore!

Riding the duck and using the "quacker" that they give out. Wait, I don't think they give them out, pretty sure that they sell them...hmmm

Girl likes to run!

Pretty representative photo of our day

The ride was fun for sure, and the driver was pretty great too. He had some really great (that is to say, cheesy) jokes, good tunes and fun little activities to do along the way.

One half of us...

...and the other half

I think that Beyonce's "Single Ladies" was playing, while this eligible bachelor was putting on a  show...good stuff!

Trinity had my phone for a bit...

...and a bit longer...

...and a bit longer...

This is a view of me that no one should have to endure. BUT, since I do, so do you!

Another shot of half of us...

...and the otther half!

Enjoying the breeze!

Sharing a snack

Pretty sure "What Does the Fox Say?" was playing and he had a fox puppet...yeah, fun stuff!

I think he was dancing to hard and hit his head on the metal rail...

Lunch under the watchful gaze of the Space Needle

We eat pizza quite frequently.

Yup, more pizza!

Freeze tag after lunch

Pretty sure he's taunting his sister...

Not sure what the heck this is...

Having a ball under the Space Needle!

Whatever else she is, Trinity will always be the sweetest person I know

And maybe the cutest too!

Teag and Uncle Jason!

Trin and Aunt Coleen!

Group photo, including more of my stomach than I care to see...

Drool is always funny

Trin and cousin Rich

It was so nice to see Bill, a sweet guy and so loving to us all!


Aunt Jackie catching up with Trin

Dudes...'nuff said!


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