Trinity Turns 5!

If I didn't have this blog to tell me, I wouldn't know how long it's been since I last updated this blog. But thanks to technology, I know that it's been since September 2nd of this year. Needless to say, there's been a lot going on. Enough said.

So it's late November as the Swarrell Life emerges from the fog and we run smack dab into the the holiday season. Yes, Trinity's birthday is a holiday. Check your calendar!

As I mentioned, it's been a while since I have updated this blog. As a result, my blogging skills are, ahem, a little rusty. So instead of trying to write a cohesive piece, I thought I would just throw a ton of photos at you and try and narrate the best I can. Oh yeah, they are out of order too. Ha!

Trinity's ballet cake, fit for a dainty little...

...well, never mind about all that. just enjoy some cake!

So we had a couple of parties, one for family and one for Trin's friends. Friday night we had family over. Trinity is really blessed with a great extended family!

Oma and Opa made the trip from Boise!

Jamma and Boppa are always popular! Also, Kathi made the awesome cake. Thanks Kathi!

Uncle Wade and Aunt Amy are (mostly) empty-nesters now, so now we're counting on them to babysit just a little more...

Grandma and Granddad were responsible for the cute little baby in Trinity's arms. 

As usual, Autumn did all the heavy lifting and so the party was a great success. But there was more to come. The next morning would bring...the kids' party!

The day started off with a bang. Autumn, hoping to sleep in, clung to Trinity's new baby for comfort. Fortunately, the baby makes wonderfully soothing noises that lulled Autumn into a peaceful slumber until 9am or so. (Note: most of the last paragraph is a lie. A bold-faced lie. And if that's not going to get me into trouble, the fact that I posted this photo is.)

In reality, Autumn had a plan for the party and everything went off without a hitch. This picture is pretty cool because Autumn found this great idea to have two chairs for the gift giving. One for the birthday child and one for the gift giver. Then the giver gets special treatment too! Awesome!

The new play structure was a big hit. It held all 11 kids rather well. Yeah, I'm a little proud of myself for getting this monstrosity together (with TONS of help though).

Lily was handing out awesome smiles all morning!

The dining room table was covered in paper to draw on and we had mini marshmallows and toothpicks to build with. Fun!

Quote of the day:

"These marshmallows are really good. I just can't stop eating them!"
- Colbi

This was right before she drank them from a cup. Awesome.

More playset madness

We had a fire and hot chocolate for the chilly temps, but most of the kids opted to not wear a jacket. Ah to be young!

Conner Martin was so much fun to have at the house!

Colbi, all sugared up!

Maddy Rudy making her slide debut!

Lily doing the same, smiles for miles!

The two-chair setup was sometimes a three-chair setup when there were siblings giving the gift! Usually Trinity takes FOREVER to open presents. This was a record for her, nine gifts in ten minutes!

Certainly one of the sweeter photos of the day, since Teagan isn't always interested in other people. Taylor is a favorite though!

The goods: S'More Cupcakes!

I love this little girl, her enthusiasm is infectious!


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