What's a dad to do?

Yeah this one might get a little sappy. I'll try to keep it to a minimum because I really don't want you to cry and have your nose run because then you'll wipe your nose with your hand and then on your pants and then you've officially turned into a snot-spreading machine. Gross. Seriously, go wash your hands. No, wash them, don't just rinse them under running water. Use soap. Okay. And yes, I do feel much better now. Ahem, where were we? Ah yes, sappy!

For the record, I haven't always been a holiday guy. It's really been since I got married that I started to pay attention to them. Yeah, I just want to be like the cool kids (and my wife!). Father's day is cool because, well, it means that I get to spend time with those that made me a father to being with. That starts with my wife. Thanks to a wonderful woman who puts up with me (mostly) day in and day out. I couldn't do much without you!

Another side note (yeah there might be a few, since it's getting late): kids really do grow up too fast. Two things that I always heard from people that were significantly older: You never feel as old as your age. 18 years with your kids really isn't that long.

See above. She's growing up way to fast.

Over Father's Day weekend, we were able to get out into the woods both days. The first day we went to Phillips Reservoir and hiked around a little. By a little, I mean a little. 1/4 mile? Maybe.

Even though the hike was short, we had a nice time picking flowers and throwing rocks.

I am pretty sure it's illegal to be near water and not throw a rock into it. Okay, maybe not against the law, but it is against my rules!

There are worse things than a day at the lake!

On Sunday (Father's Day proper) we headed up to Anthony Lakes and built a fire to roast hot dogs and run around a little it was about the nicest day I've had in a while. Thanks Autumn!

The girls

It was vacuums, but now Teagan just likes tools. Any tools. He loves shovels, rakes, drills, screwdrivers and lawn mowers.

And who doesn't love to roast hot dogs over a fire? No one, that's who.

I assume that by now you have noticed that my picture captions are getting shorter and shorter. That's because it's late and I am getting too sleepy to think straight. So it goes. Let's leave it like this: Being a father is a gift, one that I cherish and feel really blessed by. I have a wonderful wife who is such a great partner in this crazy life and two little kids who make the whole trip a little sweeter. It really doesn't get much better than this.


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