Spring Break!

Okay, so we don't have kids in school, so it isn't a real spring break. But it was in April and we did travel to Bend, Oregon for a little family vacation with some great friends. What did we do? Well, funny you should ask. I might have a few photos...

We rode bikes. The house that we shared with two other families also had bikes! Fun! And yes, I said two other families. We also brought a couple of teenagers to babysit, since we had 6 kids. So, it was 14 people in all. Great fun was had by all!

Trinity and Teagan were helping me navigate.

Teagan and Trinity wanted nothing more than to throw rocks in the river. Why? Because we were going to Sun  River. Of course there's a river!

Gratuitous photo of who-knows-what. Huh?

There was also a playground within walking distance of the house. Guess what? There was a slide too! Go Ava!

Go Alex!

Go Trinity!

Apparently, in addition to the sliding, there were juice boxes as well.

Wait, I guess there were two slides.

Trinity is demonstrating her sliding technique. It involves leaning forward. Very difficult to execute.

Ava uses a more traditional sliding technique.

Nothing clever here, just Alex sliding.

Apparently I ticked all the kids off at some point because they trapped me at the top of the carousel and spun me around very fast. Good thing I hadn't eaten lately!

This is a great shot of all the kids and Courtney and Michelle, who were our rock star child care for the trip.

Did I mention that there are a TON of photos here? Well, I can imagine that you have figured it out by now. We also went to a huge warehouse that had nothing but inflatable toys. Giant ones. If you have never been to one of these, go NOW! They have big slides!

They have entire obstacle courses that are inflated...

You can even push infants off of huge slides...go Emerson!

And then, somewhere along the line, Trinity turned into an honest to goodness little girl. Wow, she looks growed-up.

We also made our own pizzas!

Such fun for all the kids!

I do think, however, that Maddie had some help...

Even the older kids liked building their own pizza

Then we saw the most amazing thing...

Okay, maybe it was just the pizzas cooking in the oven. But it was a hot oven, like 724 degrees hot. Seriously.

And of course there was this. Yeah, mine is the one stretching her mouth out. So proud.

Then there was nothing to do but enjoy the pizza!

And smile with your mouth full!

The last day arrived and it was a little sad. But we squeezed in a quick day on the hill with the older kids, who all are learning to ski.

We used the harness some, but ditched it about halfway through since Trinity can go down mostly by herself.

The world's best teacher.

How was the vacation? You be the judge!


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